“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Limited time! With every purchase of Ben Winkler's 'Faces of Silver',1st Edition coffee table book, 10% goes to our Silver Sister Photo Shoot


There is a Renaissance occurring and Ben Winkler has captured it.

Help us to honor the ‘Faces of Silver’ Movement across the world by making this dream a reality to.... help women around the world turn on their silver linings while reading 'Faces of Silver' coffee table book..... 

     ‘Faces of Silver’ – a 2 year global project by award-winning Ben Winkler, features women turning gray, the target: from a single strand to fully transitional….any age, any ethnicity, nationality….
  redefining what beauty means!  

Attitude, radiance and self-confidence no matter your age!

The book – lst Edition
New York, Miami, London, Zagreb, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles
“I seek to portray that age is all about ATTITUDE!” Ben Winkler,
 international photographer, featured on NBC.. 

    Thank you for your purchase while supporting women turning gray around the world and turning on their silver linings.

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Faces of Silver, 1st Edition

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