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December 9, 2017


Of course Ben Winkler disagrees with society’s definition of beauty! In these images he shows the evolved woman with little to no makeup or retouching, purely highlighting the beauty of her radiance and attitude. Any age, ethnicity or nationality, Ben brings to light the fact that beauty is most individual, intimate to each and every one of us, that it is up to our definition - once we find it of course! We are so tainted that beauty means 20 and not a wrinkle, when really wrinkles and silver strains have stories to tell, of lives well lived, memories and experiences that make us frolic with joy, something impossible at 20. He invites you to take a step back, connect with the faces and their stories herein and to gain a new perspective - one of celebration and gratitude!
Here is to the gift of silver, the audacity & ability to be at liberty to experience it!
Silver, not dull, but a statement of ATTITUDE!

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Faces of Silver - the podcast, Episode 6

March 9, 2018


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