Faces of Silver - the magazine!!!

March 3, 2018



‘Faces of Silver’ - the magazine




…for beautiful gre(a)y hair & yummy lifestyle!




Maybe age, but more so color appropriate!




I’ve been playing with the idea of a magazine for about a year now. As a logical progression from the book and the world tour I figured there’s nothing out there catering specifically to us, in color, attitude and at midlife!


There's nothing out there specifically for grey and our age group, some 40, 50 and up!


So here we are - the idea is born as a collaborative resource for those considering ditching the dye, those in the middle, and those who ‘graduated’, to lend support (a yummy silver term Louise Pendry).


So, to have maximum reach & impact I was thinking of getting started online, bimonthly. It’s a learning curve, creative and most of all collaborative to get this baby off the ground. Therefore we need help from creatives, writers, editors, contributing writers, publishers, talent in various software and 1 million brainstormers!!!


It takes a village, and for this one it might just take a city! So whatever skill or skill level you have that might contribute to this endeavor I welcome you to chip in. Also we will need organizational talent, planners, etc.




Let’s brainstorm and create a silver storm. (Hillary, I just had to tap into your storm here :)




Thank you in advance to everyone who’s willing contribute to make this happen!!!




And so an idea was born…


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